MetaMask is the tool used to run Ethereum Distributed Apps (dApps) in your browser without running a full Ethereum node.

The MetaMask extension will turn your browser into an Ethereum browser, letting you interact with the Blockchain.

To set up the MetaMask extension on your Chrome Browser follow these steps:

Visit and click on the “Get Chrome Extension” link.


You will now be in the Chrome Extension page


Click the “Add To Chrome” Button
A pop-up dialog box will appear asking to  Add the Extension. Select “Add Extension”


Once Installed you will see the MetaMask icon on your Extension toolbar. Click on the icon to read and accept the Privacy Notice.
A second screen will appear asking to accept the Terms of Use

You will now be asked to create a DEN or enter an existing one. The DEN is your password-encrypted storage within MetaMask.

Once you have created a DEN, you will be provided with Seed Words. These words are the only way to restore your MetaMask account. Make sure to save these in a secure and secret location.

You can now see your account and choose what Network you want to be connected to. Click the current network and select from the drop-down list.