What is Jodu Coin

Jodu Coin is a cryptocurrency
which you can use to tip and
gift to your favorite websites,
YouTube celebs, and friends!

How to Distribute

Jodu Coin is an ERC20
compatible token on the
Ethereum network. You 
send and receive it using an
Ethereum wallet.

Safe & Secure

Jodu Coin uses the latest
Ethereum technology so
that your tips are safe and
secure every time.


Have you ever wanted to acknowledge your favorite website, YouTube celebrity, or artist with compensation for what a great job they do? Now you can using the blockchain!

Jodu Coin is at the forefront of the blockchain revolution with an innovative approve to online tipping and gifting using an ERC20 token standard reference and distributed tipping and gifting tools.

Cryptocurrency usage is exploding and what better way for content creators, website owners, and Social Media celebrities to join the revolution than by adding a Jodu Coin button on your website to receive compensation from users where they are consuming your content!

Steps to Get Started

Sign up with your email address to early access and a chance at 50 free Jodu Coins!

Choose your Wallet

You can use the following wallets for Jodu Coin:
MyEtherWallet, MetaMaskMist, Parity, or imToken


Get Coin to a Wallet

You can fund your wallet by signing up!


Send with Wallet

Once you have Jodu Coin in your wallet
you can click on our tipping and gifting buttons
around the web to contribute to that website!

Safe & Secure

ERC20 Tokens like Jodu Coin
provide secure transactions
through the blockchain.


Utilizing wallets like MetaMask
you can securely access your
Jodu Coins.

Instant Exchange

Jodu Coin through it’s ERC20
contract provides fast transactions
on the blockchain.

Experts Support

The ERC20 contract Jodu Coin
is based on is Source Code verified
by the Ethereum network.

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