Here’s 15 people more annoying than Justin Bieber!

Ever wondered how in the heck Justin Bieber became so famous? We feel the same way. Justin Bieber is one of the most annoying celebrities ever, and he’s a total d bag. He clearly comes from a family with parents that don’t care to teach their children how to be respectable human beings. It doesn’t matter how much fame and fortune he has – he’s still a complete loser and always will be. However, he’s not the most annoying celebrity ever. The 15 toolbags on this list are, somehow, even more pathetic than Bieber. It takes a lot of d’ness to top the Biebs. These clowns must have worked extra hard…



Donald Trump. So Trump for president anyone? This man has got a bigger mouth than he has zeros in his paycheck, and sometimes it seems he is writing checks his rear can’t cash. He thinks that because he is a great business man, that it parlays into sound politics. Meaning he thinks he is capable of running a country, meaning this country. This man claiming to be a beacon of success has already declared bankruptcy more times then he can probably count. I don’t know if anyone has told him, but you can’t declare bankruptcy on a country and walk away… Trump you’re fired.


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